Azarpendar on the 40th TISFF Submission record

Azarpendar on the 40th TISFF Submission record

The 40th Tehran international short film festival director, Mehdi Azarpendar. held the first official press conference of the 40th TISFF on Monday, August 8th, at the Baghe Ziba Hall in Tehran with the national and international media agencies.

According to the Public relations of the 40th TISFF, Holding the festival on fixed annual dates is one of our priorities which we’ve tried to adhere to in the last couple of editions; Azarpendar said.

For the first time in the history of the festival, more than 7000 short films from 131 countries submitted their works to this OSCARS® qualifying event. This submission toll is 800 higher than the TISFF previous record in its 38th edition and signifies the growth in importance of the festival globally; He added.

Azarpendar also talked about the national section where a total number of 1,787 works have been submitted in the national section of the festival which includes 1185 fiction films, 267 documentaries, 222 experimental films, and 113 animations.

For its 40th eve, The international section of the 40th TISFF has added two new special sections to its program: “Truth Seekers” and “Silk Road” awards; “Truth Seekers” award is dedicated to films which are seeking the truth regardless of media global hegemony. The “Silk Road” award is a gentle reminder of an atmosphere that used to be shared and exist historically between many countries; He continued.

Spain, India, France, America, and China are the countries with the most submissions to the 40th TISFF; He mentioned.

in order to expand the international borders of the festival, for the first time the festival’s website is being published in 12 languages; he announced.

Presided by Mehdi Azarpandar, the 40th Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF) will be held from October 19-24, 2023 in Tehran, Iran.

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