The Short Film “Kech” in Batumi International Film Festival

The Short Film “Kech” in Batumi International Film Festival

XI Batumi International Art-house Film Festival will be held in Batumi, Georgia during 18-25 September, 2016.

The mission of BIAFF is to enhance cultural exchange, understanding, and collaboration through the screening of new art house-house and non-commercial films from Georgia and other countries. The event provides an opportunity for well-known film makers, producers and film critics to meet and share their expertise and works with other people in their respective fields and gives local cinema lovers and other individuals a better understanding of the industry.

BIAFF is also focuses on providing a qualified educational opportunity for those who are interested in film and cinematography.  

The short film “Kech” directed by Mehrdad Hasani and produced by IYCS will be the only representative of Iran in 11th edition of this festival. “Kech” will compete with 24 other films from Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, Turkey and many other competitors.


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