29th Festival 2012

29th Festival 2012

29th Festival 2012

1-7 October

Festival Director: Hashem Mirzakhani (CEO of IYCS)

Venue: Mellat Cineplex and Iran Artists Organization

Juries of national competition: Reza Pour Hossein – Rambod Javan – Bahram Javanroudi – Morteza Shabani – Esfandiyar Shahidi – Yadollah Samadi – Mohammad Reza Gohari
Juries of international section: Francisco Manuel Megahes Avila – Emilio Delachisa – Amir Amari – Mohammad Reza Eslamlou – Ahmad Najafi – Julianne Polise – 48Suaro Serengi
Juries of Muslim world and Asia: Amir Amari – Mohammad Reza Eslam – 49Sootlana Yunosouamar Silona

National cinema competition: Fictional, documentary, animation, experimental
International competition: Fictional, documentary, animation, experimental

Peripheral sections:
The best of the best (reviewing past winners)
Reviewing littoral provinces’ filmmakers’ films
Selection from the works of filmmakers through three decades
Reviewing Cinema Bidari (Awoken Cinema)
Children cinema
Selection of 28th festival’s international section
Festival of festivals (selection from 25th-28th festivals’ international sections)
Reviewing the best of experimental in Iran and the world 2011
Reviewing the best animations in Iran and the world 2011
Reviewing England’s short films
Reviewing Brazil’s short films
Reviewing France’s animations
Reviewing Germany’s animations
Reviewing the world’s animations
Reviewing the best of 2012 International Short Film Festival
The World About
Reviewing ECO countries and Muslim countries’ films
Celebration: Tahmasb Solhjoo and Saeid Motrased

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