1947- Tehran. Instructor in the field of Cinema/

Jury member at several international short film

festivals. He studied Communication and Art in

Bochum, Germany at the university. He worked

in Radio Bochum and “Deutsche Welle”. He has

instructed “Radio Journalism” at Protestant College

in Bochum. He has studied “Film” at the “Saint

Monika” college in California State for two years.

After coming back to Iran, he started teaching

Cinema and Photojournalism at Art University in

Tehran. He founded the international section of

the short film festival in the Iranian Youth Society

and he was the director of international affairs. He

has been a jury member of the various short film

festivals including Tampere (Finland); Message

to  Man (St. Petersburg, Russia); Drama ( Greece);

Dokino (Romania); Winterthur (Switzerland);

Odense (Denmark); Bilbao (Spain); Nations

(Austria); Yonika (Short Filmmakers Union Festival);

Aljazeera (Documentary Film Festival, Qatar);

Student and Academic Film Festival (Poland);

Tehran, 34th International Short Film Festival,

International selection jury member, Iran


Nima Abbaspour is born in 1974. He has written

and directed ten short films and four documentaries.

He worked as a casting director for Veit

Helmer the German filmmaker. He has also been

the writer and assistant director of several projects.

He teaches cinema at the Iranian Young Cinema

Society. He used to be a member of the Iranian

Short Film Association Board of Directors (2010 –

2015). He has been a member of the jury and film

selection committee in several festivals.


Born 1982 Lahijan, Iran. MA in cinema from

Sooreh university. He started his activities in the

film industry from 2000. He was a Director of

Photography of more than a hundred films such as


“HAMID & HOMA”. He has made and directed five

short films such as “HENGAM”, “AHANGI KE BA



He is a member of the selection committee of the

International section of the 35th and 36th Tehran

short film festival. His last short film, MANICURE

nominated for the Grand Jury Prize from Sundance

Film Festival , 46th Telluride Film Festival 2018 and

won many prizes from many international festivals

such as Jury Prize from Rio de Janeiro film

Festival, Drama International Short Film Festival

and the best short film from Dublin, Ireland Silk

Road, Alameda, City Blue Awards, Big Bang Short

Film Festival…


Born in 1361, Qazvin. M.A in Dramatic Literature

from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Tehran.

Studied filmmaking in Iranian Youth Cinema

Society in 2002. Member of the Iranian Short Film

Association (ISFA). As screenwriter and director, he

produced 10 fiction and experimental short films

from 2004: “Swear by the Night” (2006), “Precipitation

on a half-open mouth “(2010), “Comma”

(2010), “The Man Who Wasn’t Here” (2016), and

“SineCide or No one believes me but the police are

chasing a wrong man” (2018) which are attempts

to develop a personal style in the Film Noir genre.

He has been working with Fidan Films (The most

influent Iranian website in short film field in Iran)

as critic and translator since 2015 and also has

some experiences as an assistant director in

several feature films. Mojabi won some awards for

his forthcoming projects in several international

Pitching competitions such as: “In the Palace” and

Tehran International Short Film Festival.


Born in 1977, he graduated in pure mathematics

and bachelor of dramatic literature. The writer and

director of documentaries: “Seven Stone”, “Cold

Alleys”, “Heritage of Tehran”, Great Poor”, “Pilot”,”

Green Luck”, “Land of Faith”. Writer and director of

fiction films: “Distressed Pupils”, “Always for Life”,

“Pattern”, A song for Luba”, Zona” and “Compolo


The winner of prizes like: Appreciation of the

best movie with the theme of peace of Clermont

festival, best video work directing from the 28rd

Fajr film festival, best camerawork of Greece’s

Big Bang festival, The Golden Knight statue of the

Malta Film Festival, Statue and special award of

the President in Miami festival of America , Get

the title of the best movie of Italy Fiaticorti festival,

Best film at Newcastle, England, Best movie of

Lebanon Baalbek festival, Best directorial of Italy

Peru cinema festival and attending in more than 45

other international festivals.