Selected films 2020

Sadegh Mousavi

Tehran International Short Film Festival has the pleasure to announce the films shortlisted for competition in its 37th edition.

I would like to thank all the filmmakers for their contributions; however, due to time limits we could not possibly have included many other good films in the event.

It was difficult to choose only 56 films among over 4987 films submitted to the festival. We are certain that the 37th edition of Tehran International Short Film Festival (2020), with a brilliant collection of short films in different genres and categories of the competition, can meet the artistic tastes of the short film community and will provide favorable grounds to enjoy, learn, and improve.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for your valuable contributions.


Kindest Regards,

Tehran International Short Film Festival

Festival Director

Film Name Duration Country Genre Mr/ Mrs
-The Saverini Widow 19:21 France F Loic Gillard
-Lake of Happiness 30 Belarus F Aliaksei Paluyan
-arctiko 16:52 Spain D Jesos Maria Lazkano
-Drifting 16:25 China F Hanxiong bo
-Blue Frontier 19:50 Serbia D Ivan Milosavljevic
-STICKER 18:45 Macedonia F Georgi M Unkovski
-Re-Cycle 06:21 Poland A Mateusz LENART
-metro 10:44 Poland A Natalia Krawczuk
-Топор (The axe) 14:55 Russia F Lanna Rybakova
– hammurabi 10:14 U.S F Patrick Kennelly
The woman of the house 13:28 Spain F Felipe Espinosa
-AFTER CLASS 15 China F Charles Xiuzhi Dong
-Broccoli 19:40 France F Eliott Fettweis
-GOOD MORNING 15 Poland F Bartosza Kozery
-well 10 Spain F Diego puertas
-400 MPH 04:50 France A Team Work
BARADAR 15 Italy F Beppe Tufarulo
-St.Kulon 18 Poland D Ernest Lorek
-Subway 5 Poland A Robert Kuźniewski
-A Jar of Nuts 17:11 Cyprus F Savvas Stavrou
-Dogwatch 30 Austria F Albin Wildne
-Keep It Quiet 14 US F Yaya
-MORTENOL 27:55:00 France F JulienSilloray
-candela 11:36 Spain A Mare Riba – Anna Solanas
-DA YIE 20:33 Ghana F Anthony NTI
-NINA 19:05 Bulgaria F Heristo Simeonov
-The Return 21:20 France F Charlie KOUKA
-The Last Headhunters 16:28 Italy D Roberto Nieddu – Andrea Iarquini
-WHEN MOM IS GONE 28:36:00 Turkey D Zeynep Kececiler
-PEARL DIVER 9 Denmark? A Margrethe DANIELSEN
-The Undesirables 25 Spain-France D Lea Monforte
-DAYDREAM 08:40 France F Cedric Martin
-Dogs Bark 07:30 Spain F Sergio Serrano
– The Best Orchestra in the World 14 Austria F Henning Backhaus ?
-BALLAST 18:15 Poland F Daniel Howlid
-Business Trip 18 South Korea F Lee Won-Kyu
-Before the Typhoon Comes 14:30 China F Chen yun
-DISTANCES 13:40 Spain F Susan Béjar
-Leave of Absence 12 Russia F Anton Sazonov
-DRY SEA 11 Belgium A Yves Bex – Bart Bossaert
-REBEL 15 Canada F Pier Pjilippe Chevigny
-PARADISE 26:30:00 France F Pablo Guirado
-The boy and the owl 12:10 Potugal A Mario Gago de Carvalha
-Revision 03:41 Russia D
-The House of My Childhood Binds My Body 13:18 South Africa E Jandre Heerden
-Boy in the woods 11:29 Brazil A Francisco Hauck
-Pripyat Piano 18:28 Czech D Eliska Cilkova
-Last supper 13 Poland A Pioter Dumala
-Rats in the Walls 05:15 Austria A Miriana Sarandeva
-Epirenov 15 Argentina A Alejandro Ariel Martin
-STRANGER 08:50 Italy A Antonio Stea
-My Body given for you 12:42 France E Anna Claria Ostasenko
The Swing 20:38 kyrgyzestan F Samara Sagynbaeva
The Kite


13:07 Czech Rep A Martin SMATANA
Reason 8 Poland A Szymon Ruczyński
-Metro 02:22 Russia A Valentin Tyuterev