Behnam Behzadi

Born in 1972, he started his career as a photographer and theater player at the age of 15. He

graduated from the Faculty of Cinema and TV in Tehran with a BA degree in filmmaking. He has

made more than 20 films including shorts, TV movies and documentaries, some of which won

various awards in international film festivals, including his first feature, “Before the Burial” in 2008.

“Bending the Rules” won Special Jury Prize in Tokyo IFF, Audience Award in Nantes, and Special

Prize in Mannheim in 2013.His third feature, “Inversion” was in “Un Certain Regards” of Cannes

2016 and more than other 25 festivals.

Lia Beltrami

She was received the Golden Lion for Peace 2017 in Venice. She directed 40 documentaries all over

the world; she won several awards for her films. She is appointed as Representative of Religions

for Peace at FAO -UN. She was the artistic director at Vatican Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015, which

was awarded as the Pavilion which best developed the theme, and she was the artistic director

for the photographic exhibition in Expo Astana 2017, Kazakhstan. In 1997 she founded Religion

Today Film Festival, the first festival about inter-religious dialogue. She founded the group Women

of Faith for Peace in Jerusalem. She wrote 5 books. She is the CEO of the production company

Aurora Vision, advisor for Dhaka Film Festival Bangladesh and honorary member of the House of

Wisdom, Grenada

Kyeongyeon KIM

Kyeongyeon Kim studied film at university and has been working at various film festivals. She

served as a committee member of the Busan Independent Film Association and taught cinema to

students as cinema teacher at Korea Arts & Culture Education Service. She worked as a program

manager at the Busan International Short Film Festival from 2012 to 2018 and is currently a

programmer at the Busan International Short Film Festival.