The Story of A Rainy Night in LiverMore

The Story of A Rainy Night in LiverMore

“The Story of A Rainy Night”, directed by M. Fard Qaderi will be screened in two different festivals in US.

According to the public Relations of Iranian Youth Cinema Society, this film will be screened in “LiverMore Valley Film Festival”, California, in May, 2016.

The film has been successful in making a connection between technology, cinema and the meaning of idea and storytelling.

“The Story of A Rainy Night” produced by Iranian Youth Cinema Society, is about an old man who is celebrating his birthday and takes a new look at the relationships among his grown children.

This film has been awarded in many festivals as follows:

. Special prize of Jury Members of “New Cinema Film Festival”, in Hollywood.

. Best Short Film of “San Pedro International Film Festival” in Los Angeles.

. Best Short Film of “Colony Short Film Festival” in Ohio.

. Grand Jury Best of Show and Audience Award Applauding of “Fear No Film” in Utah.

. Best Film of “Carolina Academy”.

. Audience Accreditation of Harlem Film Festival” in New York.

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