The short film “Capsule” will be introduced to nominated for the 2022 OSCARS

The short film “Capsule” will be introduced to nominated for the 2022 OSCARS

                   The short film “Capsule” will be introduced to the 2022 OSCARS The winners of the 38Tehran International Short Film Festival announced.

Iranian art deserved Academy Award approval Seyed “Sadegh Mousavi”, the secretary of the festival, said: “First of all, I express my gratitude to all those who worked honestly. I have to talk about the approval of the Tehran International Short Film Festival by the Oscars ®Academy. This important event, which has occurred for the first time in the history of Iranian cinema, shows the importance of short films and our cinema. I believe this festival is the most important international short film festival in Tehran in West Asia; due to the presence of the most important cinematic figures in the world in the past decades, we can apply for this privilege and we deserve this important right in West Asia that with the rule of Islam in the region, radiant history and unique artists and precious culture we should be right we were resigning ourselves, which fortunately came true.”

Mousavi pointed out: “Out of 6,402 foreign works from the world, only less than one percent of the works were selected and for the first time we received emails as to why our work was not present in this festival.”

“What is important is the re-authority of our country in the film industry. In the region, after Egypt and Turkey, we are the third country to have an approved by the Academy Awards®, popularly known as the Oscars®, and became the only OSCARS® qualifying festival in Iran. The Iranian art deserved this success. I would like to thank Ms. Tabatabai, International Vice President, and all those involved in the festival. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance was grateful for this event because it is the founder of the art, but we hope that this achievement will remain for us,” he added. “This is an opportunity for filmmakers if a film makes it to the OSCARS® and we are happy, something more important has happened this time and we have a regular event that nominates a work for the OSCARS®, every year,” he added.

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