The Iranian short film festival in Greece

The Iranian short film festival in Greece

For the first time, the international short film festival ”Big Bang” will be held in Athens, with the initiative and cooperation of the Iranian

youth cinema ( IYCS) and the T SHORT film company and the Greek Embassy.

According to the public Relations department of Iranian youth cinema society,at the Big bang film festival ,which opened Athene on Jun 1

and will continue until Jun 3.

34 Iranian short films will be show every day from 6 pm to 12 pm.

This unique artistic Cultural event is the first Collaboration between the Iranian youth cinema representing IRAN and European countries.

Which aim of Identifying the art of the filmmakers of short film in IRAN to the Greek and European audience, with the management of

Kyriakos chatzimichallid and the collaboration of Katerina Balamoti.

Also in the ” First step” Section of the festival, a selection of short film by Iranian cinema pioneers will be Screened. 12 films Selected by the

Juries of the Big Bang festival will be screened in 70 cinema in Greece.

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