Screening Schedule 3 Thursday, 19 October

Screening Schedule 3 Thursday, 19 October

Thursday        18-20

International Competition


Lost face

Australia and Canada/14:00/fiction

Synopsis: Adapted from the Jack London story: A fur thief must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him.



Through the supermarket in five easy pieces



Synopsis: In this film a family tries to manage through the weekly grocery shopping without disintegrating. The moment they enter the supermarket the children go off in separate directions and the parents face the ovewhelming load of merchandise under the time pressure of a closing store. Will they be able to gather the supplies for existence and still come out of the store with all the children? The story is also a metaphor to the five classical elements earth, air, fire, water and aether, of how they strive into different directions but still keep together as one.


Young fish


Synopsis: The first day at work a young policeman takes an unexpected turn. Placed in an island with no command and starts searching for a way of escape.






Synopsis: Magic forest is dying without light, Lile is looking for her missing reflection which guides her into the huge lighthouse. Lile with her “other self” finds the way to illuminate over the forest and bring a new life to it.





Synopsis: The rhythm inherent to the apparatuses, their axiality as well as the strict geometries are captured by a static imagery. The montage follows he linear architecture of the harbor mimicking its rhythm and dynamics.




Synopsis: Lethargy is a road movie. A trip, which becomes the most important journey of the life of Marcel, the main character.

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