Screening Schedule 2 Friday, 20 October

Screening Schedule 2 Friday, 20 October

Friday       15:30-17:30

International Competition


Evil Deeds


Synopsis: Max, a ten-year-old son of a hospital cleaner, has been caught trying to steal a patient’s wallet. The old pensioner decides not to report the theft and instead asks Max to complete three tasks. Those turn out to be much more challenging than Max would ever expect.


The Other


Synopsis: “The Other” is an experimental short, looking at the loss of a single woman as a metaphor for the ways in which women in general are erased or lost from society.





Synopsis: The wall stands for the people in reality, even they have encountered oppression and almost been destroyed, people could still get over the difficulties. Human beings are fragile but strong, and that’s what humans are.




Synopsis: Somewhere in Brittany, on a hill, men and women sculpt 5 meters high granite blocks with the effigy of Saints from old times. Eventually, a thousand statues will stand on the site, for eternity.


Bus story


Synopsis: As any day on the morning bus, he found the unknown girl completely asleep. He had never talk to her but he knows where she leaves the bus. The problem is that today she doesn’t awake on time and she is gonna lose her stop. Should he wakes her up?


Le marcheur


Synopsis: The Walker works in a poultry farm. Disgusted by his despicable work, he gives up and follows the Indignant, diluting his anger in theirs.





Synopsis: Onikuma is Japanese yokai, a demon bear known for chasing horses. Surrounded by a foreign landscape, two women will understand that demons can come in different forms.

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