Screening Schedule 1 Saturday, 21 October

Screening Schedule 1 Saturday, 21 October

Saturday      13-15

International Competition


Interiors & Exteriors


Synopsis: A one-take observational piece about the microcosm of Islamic practices and class segregation in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka.




Synopsis: Clouds, a field, water flowing along a canal, an old man going back home. Time passes slowly in Angelo and Gabriella’s countryside, in Veneto. It’s May and, as in many other regions, they are busy to get ready to recieve the “Rogazioni”, a procession created to remit to God’s protection land and people.




Synopsis: A priest faces an unexpected problem while preparing the church to welcome and help out some guests. It is holiday and a pipe has burst in the church. It seems that he cannot find any plumber, until a mysterious man shows up to help.


The Offering


Synopsis: Two musicians and a dancer make an ancient and sacred ritual offering to the earth.


Мечеть Марджани. История воплощенных традиций


Synopsis: The tragedy and rebirth of the Tatar people through the history of the first stone mosque in Kazan.




Synopsis: While forced to pay a tax for non Muslim citizens in the ISIS occupied territories, a Christian family’s option to save their beautiful daughter is to pretend she actually is her brother’s wife. The result turns out to be much more tragic then expected


Al Sheikh Noel


Synopsis :The film tells the story of a Muslim sheikh living with his grandson in recentlyliberated territories of isis in Iraq. The Sheikh tries to bring joy to the heart of his grandson and Christian friends living in a camp for the displaced, but the hand of terrorism prevents him from doing so.


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