Iranian Short Films in “Religion Today”

Iranian Short Films in “Religion Today”

Since 1997 Religion Today has been the foremost international and itinerant film festival dedicated to Cinema and Religions for a culture of peace and dialogue between faiths, cultures, peoples and individuals.

It promotes a journey “exploring the differences”, both in religious practices and beliefs and in cinematic styles and languages, towards a mutual enrichment through reciprocal knowledge and comparison.

This year, three films produced by IYCS, will join the 19th edition of Religion Today as follows:

  • “Cemetery Men” by Ali Mardomi
  • “Snowy Roofs” by Haideh Moradi
  • “Bridge” by Reza Jamali

These films will compete with many other competitors from all over the world during 7-16 October, 2016. The theme of the year is: “We all loved each other so much” & “Religions and gender issues”.


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