Interview with Steve Bache the director of the short movie Fatjona

Interview with Steve Bache the director of the short movie Fatjona

1.Tell us about your movie, where did the idea of this movie come from?
The idea of the film came from my colleague who visited Sulukta – town of miners. I was interested while he was talking about the town and the people living there and working in mines.
2.Tell us about yourself, your education, your experience. We would like to know you better.
I was born in 1988 in Kyrgyzstan. In 2011, I received a Bachelor’s degree from the Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas; department of Radio, TV and Cinema. In 2019, I received a Master’s degree of American University in Central Asia; department of Journalism (concentration of cinema). I made three short documentaries and two short fiction films.
3. Has this film been previously appeared in any other festivals? If so, which festivals?

1. Tampere Film Festival (2022, Finland, World Premiere)
2. IFF «ArtDocFestТ» (2022, Russia)
3. Ismailia International Film Festival, Special Mention, (2022, Egypt)
4. International Film Forum “Golden Knight” (2022, Russia)
5. FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival (2022, Portugal)
6. Sole Luna Doc Film Festival (2022, Italy)
7. ONE Country ONE Film International Festival (2022, France)
8. Lucania Film Festival (2022, Italy)
9. Kazan International Muslim Film Festival (2022, Russia)
10. Tehran International short Film Festival (2022, Iran)
11. PROVINZIALE Filmfest Eberswalde (2022, Germany)
12. IFF “Amurskaya Osen” (2022, Russia)
13. IFF Northern Character (2022, Russia)

4. How have you discovered members of your team and how do you keep the relationship with them strong?
Kyrgyzstan is not big country and we filmmakers almost know each other. This is my second film with this team. And we continue to work together.
5. How do you usually get funding for your films?
Usually I apply to International Film Funds and local private and government Film Funds.
6. How did you hear about Tehran Short Film Festival? How familiar are you with Iranian cinema?
I heard about Tehran Short Film Festival from my colleagues. I can say I am informed very well regarding Iranian cinema. At the University we used to watch Iranian films (Jafar Panahi, Asghar Frahadi, Abbas Kiarostami, Mohsen Makhmalbaf).

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