Interview with Jonathan Pêpe the director of the short movie Bassin of attraction

Interview with Jonathan Pêpe the director of the short movie Bassin of attraction

1.Tell us about your movie, where did the idea of this movie come from?

I had the idea for the film during a creation residency in Rome just after the first confinement for covid 19. It was a very strange moment because it was summer and tourism had not yet really picked up. I was in this museum city, full of open-air ruins usually overcrowded, except that there it was deserted… I started to think about the life of objects without humans. This is where the film Bassin d’attraction starts.

2.Tell us about yourself, your education, your experience. We would like to know you better.

As a child, I wanted to become a civil servant, but my parents wanted me to become an artist. As I was very easily influenced, I became an artist. I did an art school in the center of France, then Le Fresnoy, National studio of contemporary arts. 

  1. Has this film been previously appeared in any other festivals? If so, which festivals?

Yes, this film has already been shown in other festivals such as:

– L’Etrange Festival, Forum des images, in competition, Paris.

– Minikino Film Week, in competition, Bali, Indonesia.

– Tirana International Film Festival, in competition, Tirana, Albania.

– International Audiovisual Festival Origen, Ocre, Granada, Spain.

– Trani Film Festival, Trani, Italy.

– National Animation Film Festival, Official Selection, experimental films, Rennes.

  1. How have you discovered members of your team and how do you keep the relationship with them strong?

I don’t really have a team. I work alone and my friends and relatives sometimes help me. They support me, or give me a hand occasionally. For Bassin d’attraction, Mellisa Ryke, a friend of mine, helped me with the sound design. My partner also often gives me her point of view on what I do regularly and that helps me a lot.

  1. How do you usually get funding for your films?

I have never made a film with a producer or with a real budget. If you ever know one crazy enough to accompany me, tell me!


  1. How did you hear about Tehran Short Film Festival? How familiar are you with Iranian cinema?

I have a friend who was at Fesnoy at the same time as me, who is a great director and artist, his name is Arash Nassiri, he notably directed magnificent short films such as “Tehran-Geles” from (2014) or ” Darwin Darwa” (2018)! Besides that, I really liked the film “a separation” by Asghar Farhadi (2011).

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