33rd TISFF International Main Competition Introduction: Mouth of Hell

33rd TISFF International Main Competition Introduction: Mouth of Hell

“Mouth of Hell”
Director: Samir Mehanović
Country: The UK

Amsterdam, 22 november 2015 International Documentary Film Festival 2015 IDFA 2015 Samir Mehanovic The Fog of Srebrenica Photo by Felix Kalkman


Samir Mehanović is a Bosnian born film director, producer and screenwriter who lives in Scotland since 1995. He received BAFTA award for the short film “The Way We Played” and IDFA Special Jury Award for his latest documentary “The Fog of Srebrenica”. During the war in Bosnia (1992) he established Theatre Company, developing his directing craft, learning together with his actors and creating groundbreaking plays. Mehanović left Tuzla to perform at the Edinburgh Festival having been invited by famous impresario Richard Demarco. Mehanović remained in Edinburgh since 1995 and continued directing theatre. In 2000 he directed his first short film “Pigs Flying Pink”. In 2004 he completed his MA in Film and TV at the Edinburgh College of Art, winning the Ingles Allen Award (2004) for Best MA Film with “Game Over”. The following year, he wrote and directed the short film, The Way We Played, about two boys from different religious backgrounds at the beginning of the Bosnian war, for which he won the BAFTA award (2005) and the Houston Film Festival Silver Award (2006). Mehanović made his TV debut directing for BBC Artworks in 2008 with Class Enemy: A Message from Sarajevo, a 30-minute documentary completed within a two month schedule. In 2011, Mehanović attended the Binger Director’s Lab in Amsterdam. In 2013, he directed the short film Mouth of Hell (2013) filmed on location in India, and premiered at RAINDANCE London 2015. In 2014, Mehanović filmed, directed and produced Silent War Bekaa Valley, a documentary filmed on the Lebanese/Syrian border and it had its international premiere at Trieste Film Festival. In 2015 he filmed, directed and produced film about Srebrenica genocide premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival and shorter TV version was shown on BBC News-night and BBC World. The Fog of Srebrenica had international premiere at IDFA 2015 winning The IDFA Special Jury Award.

Selections & Awards:

RFH Film Festival (United States – 2015)
Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (South Korea)
IDFA International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (Netherlands -2015)

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