33rd TISFF International Main Competition Introduction: DUELLUM

33rd TISFF International Main Competition Introduction: DUELLUM

Director: Tucker Davila Wood
Country: Spain

Tucker Davida Wood was born Bilbao, 1976. In 2005, after working in New York and Madrid, he founded the production company Mankuso and made his short films such as The Perfectionists, Los 4 McNifikos and Bodegón which have won numerous international awards and been screened on the main television channels. He is currently working on his first feature-length film El comediante, a screenplay project funded by the Basque Government.


Wood’s Filmography:
1997 – Places n’ Spaces (fiction) 14’
2000 – Loops (fiction) 8’
2001 – Con Ustedes… Santiago Oriol (series – Ep1) 21’
2005 – Pedro tiene 2 Perros (fiction) 10’
2007 – Con Ustedes… Santiago Oriol (series – Ep2) 21’
2011 – Los 4 McNifikos (fiction) 6’
2011 – Bodegón [Still Life] (fiction) 5’
2012 – Los Perfeccionistas (fiction) 13’
2013 – Dead Bronco: “In Hell, a Musical Mishmash” (musical short) 10’
2015 – Duellum (fiction) 10’
2013-2015 – Cuballama (documentary) in post-production


Selections and Awards:


MediaWave International Film Festival – 2016
San Sebastian Film Festival Donostia (Spain -2015)  
International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao (Spain – 2015)
Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà de Catalunya (Spain – 2016)

FEC Festival – European Short Film Festival – 2016
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival – 2016
RATMA Film Festival (UK – 2016)
Festival Internacional de Cine Bajo la Luna (Spain)
Spanish Short Film Festival (Spain)
Festival de Cine de La Almunia (Spain)
International Shorts Screening (Spain – 2015)
Official Section Rural Film Festival (Spain – 2016)
Tirana Film Festival (Argentina)
Microfilm Short Film Festival (Spain – 2016)
Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya (Spain)
Tehran International Silent Film Festival – (The nominee for Best Editing & The nominee for Best Fiction)

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