27th Festival 2010

27th Festival 2010

27th Festival 2010

19-24 November

Festival Director: Hashem Mirzakhani (CEO of IYCS)

Venue: Cinema Felestin, Iran Artists Organization

Juries of National section: Alireza Amini – Pouran Derakhshandeh – Mohammad Dormanesh – Hamid Soheili – Jalil Erfan Manesh – Bahram Azimi – Ramtin Lavafi
Juries of International section: Mohammad Reza Abbasian – Ahmad Atef – Shahryar Bohrani – Wayne Coolsjean – Jorge Isabelle Rodriguez– Danny Schechter – Hans-Joachim Schlegel
Juries of Muslim Nations and Asia (Portrayal of East): Abbas Arnaout – Hashem Mirzakhani – Mahin Zia

National Cinema competition: Fictional, Documentary, Experimental, Animation
International competition: Fictional, Documentary, Animation, Experimental

Peripheral sections:
Celebration for 30th anniversary of 8 years of Holy Defense
Rozhna (Reviewing  Kurd filmmakers’ films)
The best of the best (Reviewing past winners)
Reviewing ECO countries’ films and Union for Short Filmmakers of Muslim Countries’ films
Reviewing Animation cinema (reviewing IIDCYA and Switzerland University of Arts)
Winners of 2010 Kartaj Festival
Zavie-e Penhan (Hidden Angle) (Reviewing short cinema of USA)
Donya-ye Piramun (The World About) (Reviewing France’s short cinema)
Cinema Bidari (Awoken Cinema)
Commemoration: Late Manouchehr Haghani Parast

Winners of International section:
Joint Best Fictional Film “A Drop”/Abishek Patak/India and “Sokar”/Dariush Gharibzadeh/Iran
Honorary Plaque for Fictional Film “Sing Me to Sleep”/Magnus Aronson/Norway
Best Documentary “The Gardener and His 21 Flowers”/Emil Langballe/Denmark
Honorary Plaque for Documentary “Oskoo”/Mohammad Ali Hashem Zehi/Iran
Best Animation “47Innocence”/Daniel Greaves/England
Honorary Plaque for Animation “Story of Clay”/Maryam Bayani/Iran
Joint Best Experimental Film “Music Exclusively”/Sina Ataian/Iran and “Raw, Cooked, Burned”/Shahram Mokri/Iran

Winners of Muslim Nations competition:
Best Film “Bee’s Story”/Syed Mohammad Reza Kheradmandaneh Sadi
Honorary Plaque “Freedom”/Jeremy Isuzu/Canada

Winners of Asia (Portrayal of East):
Best Film “Siesta”/Nima Javidi/Iran
Honorary Plaque “My House is Cloudy”/Karim Azimi/Iran

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