17th Festival 2000

17th Festival 2000

17th Festival 2000

26-31 October

Festival Director: Jafar Sanei Moghaddam (CEO of Youth Cinema Society)

Venues: IIDCYA Creation Center, Cinema Felestin, Cinema Tak (Tehran Museum Contemporary Art)

Juries of Iran competition (A): Saeid Hajimiri – Ali Mohammad Ghassemi – Zaven Ghukasyan – Kianush Ayari – Nasser Taghvaei
Juries of Iran competition (B): Ahmad Zabeti Jahromi – Masoud Emami – Mojtaba Raei – Ali Shitfar – Reza Sobhani
Juries of international competition: Ahmad Alasti – 5Roje Gonin – Asako Fujioka – 6Al-Assad Al-Jemoosi – Zita Carvalhosa

Iran competition
International competition

Peripheral sections:
Children, teenagers and short film
Goft-o-gooye Tamaddon-ha (Conversation of Civilizations)
Reviewing the works of Morteza Avini
Special screenings
Reviewing animations of National Film Board of Canada
Reviewing Netherlands’ short films
Reviewing France’s short films
Celebration: Reviewing the works of a filmmaker: Vahid Mousaeian

Winners of international section:
Golden Statuette, Honorary Diploma and 1000$ for Best Fictional Film/Charshou/Mahvash Sheykholeslami/Iran
Golden Statuette, Honorary Diploma and 1000$ for Best Documentary/Rojgiran/Mehrdad Oskooei, Ebrahim Saeidi/Iran
7Golden Statuette, Honorary Diploma and 1000$ for Best Animation/Moon Man/Chris Steiner, Arvid Weibel/Germany
8Golden Statuette, Honorary Diploma and 1000$ for Best Experimental Film/Musical Piece for Four Stairs and One Person/Olaf Giur/Germany
Golden Statuette, Honorary Diploma and 2900$ for Best International Film/Yamut, A Home, A Tribe/Farshad Fadaian
9Honorary Diploma for Fictional Film/Claybia – Mazara/Tariq Bin-Abdullah/Italy
Honorary Diploma for Experimental Film/Furniture Poetry/Paul Bush/England
Honorary Diploma for Animation/Three Drops of Blood/Vahid Nasirian/Iran
10Honorary Diploma and Special Appreciation for Fictional Film/Oath/Tibo Benning/Netherlands

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