Screening Schedule 3 Saturday, 21 October

Screening Schedule 3 Saturday, 21 October

Saturday      18-20

International Competition




Synopsis: The perfect family discovers a cow in the kitchen of their 14th floor apartment


Little Wonders

United States/2:23/animation

Synopsis: The film is a collection of personal memories.





Synopsis: Ramon lives with his parents, although he is away most of the week working as a truck driver. These are long and lonely trips, until he meets a very special companion that changes everything. Cucli tells a story about love and companionship after death, and its transformative effect.




Synopsis: I asked my teeth if they’ll withstand a drink, says the main charecter in ’20 KICKS”. He lives in a world, in which exchange system is slaps and fists. In this way the film is raising the question of the price we pay for the small pleasures, and the sacrifices we make, to attain true happiness.




Synopsis: Merel is a young talented pianist, who can’t make a living as an artist. After a long struggle with circumstances she decides to give up her dreams and to sell her piano.


Doors of perception


Synopsis: In a world where everything unknown is black infinity a nameless person has to overcome the temptation of the visible to be free. The limitation of perception causes the fear of the unknown. The unknown seems unimaginable. We don’t experience it: So do we only see what we know?

Does the truth lie in the visible?


Traces of ephemeral


Synopsis: The film is the story of man and his relationship with nature – the nature of which we are the part; which has the ability to renew themselves, dying and re-return to life.

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