Screening Schedule 1 Friday, 20 October

Screening Schedule 1 Friday, 20 October

Friday       13-15

International Competition


Bring me South



Synopsis: A road movie about a young Frisian filmmaker who travels south with her father, looking for a place to call home.




Synopsis: The main character is an old man with the Alzheimer’s disease. One day, it suddenly occurred to him that there was an abandoned wooden door in his house. He walked toward and opened the door. What appeared in front of him was an unseen maze with his house on a long-distanced cliff…




Synopsis :The short film “Clothes” follows the relationship between two brothers, who had recently lost their father. The loss unites them and they made their first attempts to overcome the alienation, accumulated over the years.


First of November



Synopsis: Primeiro de Novembro (1st of November), All Saints’ Day 1755 was the date of one of the deadliest earthquake in the world, followed by a tsunami and a fire, that completely destroyed Lisbon. Seismology experts say a repeat of the 1755 Great Lisbon quake is overdue within this century.




Italy/7:00/ animation

Synopsis: FRAMED is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.




Synopsis: After a long time without seeing one another, two brothers spend time together at a ranch house surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. As tension increases between them, a lingering feeling of being observed takes place. Whoever is outside wants to come in.

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