A Video Message from The Head of TISFF to “Basilicata Commission”

A Video Message from The Head of TISFF to “Basilicata Commission”

In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

It is my great pleasure to talk to my Italian friends at Basilicata Commission through this video message. It was nearly two month ago when we met at International Fajr Film Festival. This meeting led to a Letter of Understanding which ignited rays of hope in our hearts for a mutual cooperation. We at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society have prepared a kind of Agreement Letter in order to bring it into reality. We also hope that our Italian partner agree on this. There is also a hope to speed up the Cinema Student Exchange. This is only a part of our views towards this cultural connection with the hope to exchange cinema professors and start bilateral projects. As you see the colors in our national flag behind me, resembles your national flag, I believe this is a sign of cultural common things between us, Iran & Italy have been civilized countries through the history and it has been glorified in our Art & Culture.

I hereby, as the head of Iranian Youth Cinema Society and the secretary of Tehran International Film Festival invite the Italian friends & colleagues to be our guest at 33rd edition of TISFF. I hope that the agreement of joint activities between IYCS & Basilicata Commission, be the sort of an  ever onward cultural connection.

Farid Farkhondehkish


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