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Screening Schedule 3 Wednesday, 18 October

Wednesday           18:00-20:00

International competition



France/ 13:52/fiction

Synopsis: Kathy promises her son a father for his birthday, but they’re in for a long wait.




United States/5:40/animation

Synopsis: An abstracted animated documentary based off of Nick LeDonne’s personal struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts after a near attempted hanging in November 2014. His feelings of depression are personified through a dark luring fog and a loving mother desperately trying to keep her son alive.



Blueberry Spirits


Synopsis: Blueberry Spirits is a poetic documentary about a Roma family that spends its summers in the Latvian forests, picking berries to make a living. While harvesting the fruits of the forest, they reflect on their identity as a group by sharing ghost stories.





Synopsis: This is me.



I have a Brother


Synopsis: Oleg’s normal life collapses when his younger brother kills their father. Now he has to decide what is stronger  – his despise of the murdered of strong family ties.



Grandma Loleng


Synopsis: A young woman goes back to her province in the countryside where she gets to once again meet her Grandmother Loleng – a distant relative and a senile parol (Christmas lantern) artisan. Together, they will explore Grandma Loleng’s landscape of memories, only to unearth her innermost secrets and wartime experiences.



Cold fish

New Zland/25:00/fiction

Synopsis: Rex is an old man who plans to commit suicide at the beach when Adam appears. This malevolent 11-year-old does not want to save the old man.


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