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Abbas Kiarostami on 33rd TISFF Poster

The 33rd TISFF poster was designed in memory of the late Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami.
Farkhondehkish the festival director of 33rd TISFF mentioned that in last year’s festival there was a section dedicated to Abbas Kiarostami’s student’s works and the festival was planning to have a special tribute to Abbas Kiarostami but TISFF was deprived of his presence by his sudden death.
Farkhondekish suggested to have the image of Kiarostami on the poster of 33rd TISFF in his memory and respect. Before Kiarostami’s death the design was supposed to be extracted from his film “The Bread and Alley” in a cooperation with IIDCYA but after his death the TISFF decided to have Kiarostami’s image on the poster.
Sasan Tavakoli Farsani one of Kiarostami’s student had a picture collection of Abbas Kiarostami and he chose one of the best pictures for the poster and Fariba Shafiei designed it.
Farkhodekish also mentioned that to honor the memory of this great Iranian director for his cinema and brilliant career in experimental and short film scope, the Kiarostami Icon is added to the TISFF’s awards from this year. This award will be presented to dominant figures, especially in short film domain. One of the 33rd TISFF evenings is also named after Abbas Kiarostami and his short films will be screened in presence of his students.
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