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33rd TISFF International Main Competition Introduction: The Name of the Day

“The Name of the Day”

Director: Marcello Quintella e Boynard

Country: Brazil



Marcello Quintella e Boynard, a 48 years-old brazilian screenwriter, directed his first short film in 2010, “Besieged” (Sitiados), that was selected in nearly 50 film festivals around the world and won two best movie prizes, including the audience award winner in the Can-Con Movie Festival – Corto Tokio 2010. In 2011, he created his own company, Fata Morgana Films, with which produced “Hooji”, film that received, until now, 47 awards. “The name of the day” is his third film.

Selections and Awards: 


The Short of the Year – Winter Edition (Spain – 2015)

Festival de Filmes de Faro (Brazil – 2015)

Mostra Cultura do Cinema Brasileiro (Brazil – 2015)

Alta Langa Film Festival (Italy – 2015)

Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal (Canada – 2015)

Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Cuba – 2015)

Los Angeles Film Fest (United States – 2015)

Months Film Festival (Romania – 2015)


Best Director, Best Actress, Best Art Director, Best Costume Design – Festival de Cinema do Vale dos Dinossauros (Brazil – 2015)

Best Short, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Photography, Best Soundtrack – Festival Guarnicê de Cinema (Brazil – 2015)

Best Director, Best Actress – Festival de Cinema de Cabo Frio (Brazil – 2015)

Best Short – Audience Choice – Arraial Cine Fest (Brazil – 2016)

Best Short, Best Director, Best Actress – Festival Cine Paraíso (Brazil – 2016)



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