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Memorandum 1

This is an wonderful and exact e-mail from the head of jury member of last TISFF.Thank you for your lovely message and energy. We really hope to see you again in Iran and TISFF.
Dear Friend, Dear Hassan
I am already home, the flight was good, I attended my place without any problems.
So, thank you very much, my friend, for your hospitality and concern.
I really felt as I was at home.
Congratulations as well for excellent and precise organization of the Festival.
I am congratulating you every time I participate in the festival, so I should actually consider this to be normal, but I am aware that every time the situation is different and it need lot of work and effort to achieve good result.
I was pleasantly surprised the closing ceremony of the festival-not very formal, people laughed, clapped… .
It was different than before than before, it’s very good.
I hope that now you have an opportunity to rest a bit, before start preparation to the next festival.

All the best

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