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28th Festival 2011

28th Festival 2011

11-14 October

Festival Director: Hashem Mirzakhani

Venue: Azadi Cineplex, Iran Artists Organization

Juries of National competition: Seyed Abbas Pouya – Azizollah Hamidnejad – Mohammad Davoudi – Abbas Rafei – Mohammad Ali Farsi – Ahma Kavari – Naghi Nemati
Juries of International competition: Jen Petersing – Julia Guest – Anis Lassoued – Montasser Marei – Ivan Ridley – Nader Talebzadeh

National cinema competition: Fictional, Documentary, Animation, Experimental
International cinema competition: Fictional, Documentary, Animation, Experimental

Peripheral sections:
The best of the best (reviewing past winners)
Aidin (reviewing Azeri filmmakers’ films)
Reviewing 27th festival’s special section
Winners of 27th festival
Radiology of an Identity (experimental cinema)
Selection of 27th festival’s international section
Reviewing the world’s animation
Cinema Bidari (Awoken Cinema)
Hidden Angle
The World About
Reviewing Muslim countries’ films

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