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25th Festival 2008

25th Festival 2008

12-17 November

Festival Director: Nasser Bakideh (CEO of IYCS)

Venue: Cinema Felestin, Iran Artists Organization

Juries of National section: Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar, Azizollah Haji Mashhadi, Hamid Khozooi Abyaneh, Morteza Razzagh Karimi, Reza Serkanian, Majid Sheikh Ansari, Alireza Golpayegani
Juries of International section: 42Christoff Girat, Yangil Kin, Jorgen Kittl, Abbas Arnaout, Rasoul Sadrameli

National Cinema competition: Fictional, Documentary, Animation, Experimental
Special section: Prophetical Legacy, Panorama of Our Beautiful Country, 30th Year of Islamic Revolution in Short Film
International competition: main competition, Asia (East Portrayal), Dar Jost-o Joo-ye Haghighat (Searching for the Truth), Muslim Nations (Green Territory)

Peripheral sections:
Reviewing Brazil’s short films
Reviewing South Korea’s short films
Reviewing Short Film-maker’s Union short films
Muslim Nations and ECO Countries
Resistance and Endurance on the occasion of 60th year of Palestine’s occupation
Reviewing the works of a filmmaker: Reza Sobhani
Reviewing the works of an editor: Mahmoud Yarmohammadloo

Winners of International section:
Honorary Diploma for Experimental Film “Ando-Si” by Shahram Mokri from Iran
Honorary Diploma for Documentary “Iran’s Wildlife” by Seyed Mani Mirsadeghi
Prize for Best Animation “Lesan-ol Gheib” by David Alexander Anderson
Prize for Dar Jost-o Joo-ye Haghighat “Best Mothers” by Nadine Quipers from Netherlands
Prize for Muslim Nations section “Holy Light” by Saadatali Saeidpour from Iran
Prize for Asia (East Portrayal) “43Everything is Right” by Akjol Barbatov from Kyrgyzstan
Prize for Best Documentary “Old Peter” by Ivan Golonov from Russia
Prize for Best Fictional Film “Crab” by Xavier Serven and Kristoff Hermanez from Belgium
Prize for Best Experimental Film “44Wild Pigeon” by Coldo Almandos from Spain
Prize for Best International Section Film “Gilles” by Constant Mentzas from Canada

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