Selected films of the 36th Tehran International Short Film Festival 2019

On behalf of the festival team, I would like to thank all the filmmakers who sent us their films.
Know I have the pleasure to announce the selected films of the international competition section.
The selection committee have chosen altogether 50 film among 4000 films which have been submitted
To the festival
The selected films will be shown according to different genres:


1. The Fig Tree, Directed by: Mikel Mas Bilbao /Spain 
2. Prey, Directed by : Acim Vasic / France 
3. Declive, Directed by : Eduardo Brito /Portugal 
4. The missing trait, Directed by: Riccardo Roan / Italy 
5. Monsieur Henderson, Directed by: Thomas Scohy / France 
6. A Snake Marked ,Directed by: Juan Riedinger / Canada 
7. Fly Mateo, Directed by : Valerie Quiroga / Spain 
8. Yasmina ,Director by : Ali Esmili & Claire Cahen/ France 
9. 9 Steps, Directed by: Marise Crespo ABRIL and Moises Romera perez,/ Spain 
10. Cowboy, Director by: Frederic Zeimet /Luxemb ourg 
11. The Summer and all the Rest, Directed by Seven Bresser 
12. Joseph Markus Julian, Directed by Ozgur Anil / Austria 
13. Announcement, Directed by: Lucas Candela / Belgium 
14. Ashmina, Directed by: Dekel Berenson/ Nepal
15. on the Border, Directed by: Shujun / China
16. The Mother, Directed by: Joe Chen/ USA
17. Torno Presto, Directed by: Giovanni Bufalini /Spin
18. Super Comfort, Directed by: Kirsikka Saari / Finland
19. Sashleli, Directed by: Davit Pirtskha Lava / Gorgia
20. Arkady, Directed by: Ekaterina Stashevs Kaya / Russian 
21.Now We can die in peace, Directed by: Arnaud Guez /France
22. Brotherhood, Directed by Meryam joobeur / Canada
23. Fish Cracker, Directed by: Yigit Evgar / Turkey
24. La Mala Fe (Bad Faith), Directed by: Elena paune, Eva Paune,Marina Paune, / Spain
25. Two ends of a Bridge, Directed by :Sven Bresser / Netherlands
26. Portraitiste,Directed by : Cyrus Neshvad / Luxemb ourg
27. Vitor, Directory by: Paul Portelli / Malta 
28. Alula, Directed by: Kaveh Daneshmand / Czech Rep


1. Untravel, Directed by : Ana Nedelijkovic / Serbia

2. Armed_Lullaby, Directed by : Yana Ugrekhelidze / Germany

3. Muedra cortometraje, Directed by : Cesar Diaz Melendez / Spain

4. La Noria

5. Rhythm of the woods, Directed by : Sara Aysha Binte Omar, Denise /Singapore

6. Dies Irae, Directedby : Jordan Damour / France

7. Aesthesis ,Directedby : Hugo de Magalhaes, Evera Chapel, Gabriel Richaud, Aubin Kubiak, Louison Franque, Melissa Evrard Nadaud / France

8. Around the Stairway,Directed by: Die Wimmelg Ruppe / Switzerland

9. The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar, Directed by : Niko Radas / Croatia

10. Amerigo, Directed by : Laurent Crouzeix, Luis Briceno / France


1. Camposanto, Directed by : Pablo Adiego Almudevar / Spain
2. The olden heralds, Directed by : Luis Alejandro Yero / Cuba
3. Fundamenti,Directed by : Peter Cerovsek / Sloveni
4. Grandpa Fire, Directed by : Alfonso ODonnell Gonzalez de Castejon / Spain
5. Histories of Wolves, Directed by : Agnes Meng / Portugal
6. Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf, Directed by : Hope Tucker / USA
7. Winters Haikus, Directed by: Muriel Montini / France
8. above 592 Metres, Maddi Barber / Spain


1. Places, Directed by: Claudia Barral Magaz / Spain
2. Controle, Directed by: Julie Allain / France
3. The Shape of Night, Directed by : Michelle Park / Germany
4. Courage, Directed by : Patrick Knot / Spain
5. Silence is not an oversight, Directed by