Adviser of the International Section of 35th TISFF: Peter Murdmaa

Adviser of the International Section of 35th TISFF: Peter Murdmaa

Peter Murdmaa

Founder and Director of ShortEst – Estonian Short Film Center

A broad-profile filmmaker

Born on December 1, 1974, Peter’s journey in the world of film started at an early age when he was actively engaged in photography and camera work. Peter graduated in cinematography and in film production in Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University.

He has participated in making documentaries as a cinematographer as well a director, also produced short films in fiction. Peter Murdmaa has organized several movie events, being an active participant in the development of the Estonian film landscape.

In 2013, Peter Murdmaa was the organizer and director of Sleepwalkers, the international short film festival, which heightened his commitment in further developing the field of short films.

In 2014 he founded ShortEst Estonian Short Film Center that has goal to introduce audiovisual short forms into Estonia and Estonian shorts to the rest of the world.

Peter’s mission is to bring the audiovisual short form to the big screen in as many ways possible. Movies are a form of art with their means of expression and language no matter how long they may be and all deserve to be seen on a big screen, he believes.